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**Welcome to Edupedia, a wiki for disseminating free knowledge in the area of basic education, higher education and education policy for sustainable development where authors are invited to volunteer this project. We welcome anyone who wants to share their knowledge by writing and improving articles on the subjects mentioned above. Expert authors can be recognized with a special role, but membership is open to all.  

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Featured Article: wiki:education-charter

The International Education Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles guiding youth education worldwide in the 21st century. Created by global civil society, CCLP Worldwide and endorsed by thousands of members, volunteers, organizations, institutions and individuals engaged in promoting the position of youth, the International Education Charter is not only a call to action but a motivating force inspiring change the world over. The International Education Charter is being implemented into the Declaration of Higher Education for the 21st century by UNESCO, and Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact for the purposes of creating and a more purposeful and sustainable future for today’s youth.”

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